Before & After Care


Before Your Tan...

  • Waxing, pedicures and facials should be done at least one day prior to your tanning session.
  • Shave and exfoliate with an exfoliating scrub 24-48 hours prior to your tan. 
  • No makeup, perfumes or lotions.  These can affect the absorption of DHA (the sunless tanning ingredient) resulting in streaking and minimal color.
  • Deodorants should also be avoided.  Spraying over deodorant can result in green rings around arm pit and is difficult to remove.
  • Bring dark, loose-fit clothing and flip flops to wear after your tan.  Tight clothing can rub the tan completely off in most areas.

After Your Tan...

  • Warm water rinse 24 hours after your tan application.  Try to avoid bar soap and do not scrub!  
  • You will see color washing off - Don't Panic!  This is just the cosmetic bronzer - you will still have color!
  • Moisturize twice a day with alcohol-free lotion.  Keeping your skin hydrated will make your tan last longer.  Alcohol  based products are drying to the skin and can cause the tan to fade quicker and unevenly.
  • Taking long, hot baths or soaking in the pool can accelerate exfoliation and fade your tan.
  • The use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids will increase exfoliation and accelerate the fading process of your tan.